Andreas Schipplock
I'm not an assembly line worker. I'm a software developer.
I'm in favour of GNU.

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My name is Andreas Schipplock. People often just call me Schippi(e). I am a specialised computer scientist for software development (also known as code monkey). In 2009 on June the 16th I graduated from the Heinz-Nixdorf vocational college.

I like to write about certain topics; mainly about programming or scripting languages but also about social interactions in office settings. And this is the place where I put them. This website is all static html and there is no comment system because I don't want one. If you want to contact me, please either use Twitter, send me an email to andreas at schipplock dot de, call or write a postcard.

My latest posts

Bash Localization

In this text I show how to implement proper localisation in Bash.

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Javascript - The new parts

In this publication I write about JavaScript and its new language features. I showcase ECMAScript 2015, or ES6. I show how to use the new keyword let and how to make your code safer and easier to read. I also show how to make your code easier to reason about with the not so new const keyword. But I don't stop at these simple language features. I go into the details on how to use defaults, how to use the rest and spread operator, how to use arrow functions, iterators with generators, the new for of. But I also show how to use classes though I'm not going into its details because this new addition to the language isn't ready for prime-time yet (imho!). I show the reader how to make use of the new maps, but also how to construct simple objects. I quickly explain how to destructurize and cherry pick data from objects and arrays. And because JavaScript is so nice at doing things async, I explain how to use promises.

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Kill your side projects

I try to explain that side projects can be a burden for a programmer. For various reasons. I try to emphasize my idea by showing examples. If you feel bad just by having some unfinished side projects, I invite you to read this text. It's short! Go ahead! :)

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Scheme kickstart

This is a short introduction to the Scheme programming language. It assumes you are using DrRacket. It's not complete but covers the very basics. This should get you going in an hour if you already are a programmer.

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The Eiffel method

I once was learning the Eiffel programming language and I found a Mooc by Bertrand Meyer and Marco Piccioni from ETH Z├╝rich. It was a refreshing experience.

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